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My view and appreciation for speech therapy has shifted since my son started working with Ms. Kleinman. Our past experience in the public school system was negative, defeating and stale. I was told to “just be happy with where he is and don’t expect much improvement”.  My son lives on the Spectrum, has been diagnosed with dyslexia, ADD, anxiety, sensory and auditory processing disorder. He completed his 7th session with Ms. Kleinman and his confidence has grown tremendously. The program she created for my son was designed to offer him positive feedback while still pushing him towards challenging work while knowing how to keep him from shutting down. I have a renewed sense of confidence in Speech Therapy. Ms. Kleinman is truly blessed in the work she does and I see how passionate she is in working with children that beat to a different drum. I would highly recommend Ms. Kleinman to anyone looking for a change in a better direction in Speech Therapy.

Briana, Parent of a Client

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